At FreeVibe our unique community is central to everything we do…

We are more than the physical and mental challenges we take, the photos and videos we use to share them, the conversations and interviews we have to explain them.

Although we manifest our lives through print and screen, we are so much more…

FreeVibe is a core value for a life filled with adventure and achievement. It is a living-to-the-full lifestyle where we support, collaborate and celebrate each other. As a diverse team of athletes and creatives coming together; islandwide, nationwide and worldwide, FreeVibe is the spirit we all share.

OVERVIEW is the hub of our community and online content. This is where fresh articles, interviews and other engaging pieces of media find themselves. Where the physical magazine succeeds in certain areas the website excels in others. Video and audio content being main draws – where we’ll have mini-documentaries, audio interviews, podcasts and other exciting mediums for story-telling finding a home. The website also benefits from being on the cusp of news and developments. Breaking stories, event results and other news pertinent to our audience has a chance to be featured instantly and shared for the benefit of those involved and those curious.


Our social media platforms will play an important part in gathering content for new issues, promoting our current content and bringing together that community driven initiative to the forefront. We know that people won’t simply wait on to update with new content, but will find it through social media apps. FreeVibe on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube will be a full-time pursuit to see traffic driven to the website and have as wide an audience as possible engage with the content.



  • Footage of Events
  • Interview
  • Sound Bites
  • Mini Documentaries


  • Informative
  • Knowledgeable
  • Events


  • Ambient
  • Candid
  • Journalistic


  • Events
  • Results
  • News & Developments