Foolish Things


Foolish Things… That says it all. Pop music that pops, rock music that rocks – spread across decades. 2 Musos, 2 Instruments, 2 voices, loads of fun.

‘FOOLISH THINGS’ – a vocal harmony duo featuring guitar and a double-bass called Arnie – comprises Arthur Parkes and Mia Mannion, each professional musicians of many years standing, both solo and together. Formerly known as ‘EXPO,’ they have worked in the UK, the Channel Islands, Scandinavia, Northern Europe and (through Milanese impresario Piero Massari) extensively in the Middle East/Gulf region – Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Bahrain and Damascus – as resident band in Sheraton, Novotel and Holiday Inn hotels, where they played not only bass and guitar but also keyboards and saxophones. Playing top covers, plus some originals, FOOLISH THINGS are guaranteed to liven up any occasion.