Freevibe is a lifestyle and a passion for health, wellbeing and outdoor pursuits. We are a community of people following our dreams. Each individuals’ Freevibe is unique, it’s personal and it’s tangible.

My Freevibe is the ocean. I spend hours watching the waves and manage to get some time on them too. I am never, ever bored near the sea. No matter the time of year or weather conditions, I will be trying to surf or meditatively watching. It was the variety of watersports which inspired me to create Freevibe and bring their stories together in one space. Freevibe resonated on so many levels and quickly expanded to include a diverse range of active pursuits, wellbeing, music and art, nature, travel and the environment. Discover our community and tell us about your Freevibe, or maybe discover it with us.

Andrew Ozouf


Become part of the Island Freevibe Community. Do you have activities or events planned? Are you planning a team builder or is their one of your staff who has a special Freevibe? Perhaps its arts and crafts, wildlife photography or they love to skydive!



Vibrant, with modern clean spreads, giving engaing stories space to breath and allowing great photograhpy speak for itself. We do take advertising, but the magazine is not bogged down with it peferring to allow organisations the opportunity to sponsor our content or supply their own. Contact us to find out what we have coming up you can be involved with, make suggestions or supply your own.


In January 2021, we will be encouraging individuals to use our facilities to produce their own podcasts which will be listed on Topics will be varied, exciting, fun and engaging, speaking directly to our local audiences. All content is professionally produced and reviewed.


There are a huge variety of musicians, bands and DJ’s on the Island. But if you don’t know them, they can be a challenge to find. We have created a Freevibe Bands, Musicians and DJ’s Directory, where we can host bio’s, images, video, social media links and contact details. Monthly page sponsorship will be made available in 2021.


Throughout the year, we will be hosting or involved in a number of exciting events, some of which you may wish to be apart of.

We also cover events, producing video and image content for you to utilise in your marketing on your favourite platforms.

Give us a call and find out what we have going on!